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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Domestic Goddess?

Wow. Blogs can really go neglected when you're not looking!  What happened?  My main computer monitor died and I don't like the way my laptop sorts pictures. It was just too much of a project to learn the new photo sorting system.  Ugh.  But I finally got a new monitor and I'm back in business!

So what's been going on while I've been out?  Well, I got engaged! 

Actually I got engaged on May 14, 2011.  But we didn't say anything to anyone because I really wanted my dad to be the first to know.  He always says he's the last to know anytime anything happens to me or my siblings. 

The Conductor did a marvelous job picking the ring.  I didn't go with him because I think an engagement ring is a gift - and a gal doens't dictate what kind of gift she wants.  But he did ask for guidelines.  I told him I wanted a thin band (so my short fingers don't look fat) and that I'd like a band with some curvy lines (as opposed to a boring, straight line).  I also said I'd like gemstones of varying sizes, not just one big honking one.  And I said no pointy gemstone cuts since I didn't want to freak about the stone catching on fabric. 

And he nailed it.

So, we went out to eat not too long ago.  And the Conductor spilled some food on his shirt.  We're engaged - but not married.  I don't do his laundry. 

Yet some part of me stupidly felt the need to show him what a great Domestic Goddess I am by getting that food splotch out.  I told him to leave his shirt and I'd clean it.

He protested.  It's silk, he said. 
So what, I replied.  I sew.  I know fabric.
But it's dry clean only, he said.
Don't spend money on dry cleaning, I said.
Really, it's no big deal.  I'll clean it myself, he said.
Nonsense, I said.  It'll take me mere minutes.

So he reluctantly left it.  And, while cleaning, I found another bowling-style shirt that he left at my house that also had food splotches on it.  Perfect!  I can clean him two shirts at once and dazzle him twice with my mad laundry skills.

I put both shirts in Oxy Clean, soaked them, and hung them to dry.

And that's when I went from being a Domestic Goddess to being a Domestic Dumbass.

He's only ever dry cleaned these shirts.  I macihine was dry clean only garments all the time  - but that's because I get them from thrift stores.

Bowling style shirts alternate colored panels with ighter colored panels.  So as soon as the water hit them, the colors ran.  And after they dried, they were not soft as silk.  They were stiff as cardboard.

Add to that, the blue one is a Bobby Chan shirt that retails for about $50; the black shirt is a Nat Nast that retails for closer to $100.

Even better, these are two of his absolute favorite shirts.  You can totally see how good he feels when he's wearing them.

And the topper - the blue one reminds him of his late grandmother who told him he looked as handsome as Charlie Sheen in it (before Sheen went psycho, of course). 

Moral of the story:  If you have a guy that knows HOW to do laundry and doesn't MIND doing laundry:  DON'T BE A HERO! 

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Caroline said...

Aw that is so funny. I'll have to tell you about the time I tried to give my man a sexy suprise. And don't worry - you have a million other ways to wow him. He did nail it on the ring, I agree!