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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Measuring Tape

I love Menard's hardware store.  I willingly fall for their get-you-in-the-door gimmicks.  One that I particularly love are these measuring tapes.  They are FREE after a mail in rebate so I always pick up a few when I go in.

I was so touched that The Conductor seemed to be on the same wavelength as me as he spied them and commented, "Wow.  You have a lot of tape measures!"  His tone implied that he was impressed by the forsight I showed by having so many on hand.  I was about to proudly imform him that I got them all FREE, when he enthusiastically continued,  "You could put one in each room of your house!!"

I wanted to jump up and scream, "Yes!  Exactly!"  But before I could jump up with excitement, he sarcastically added, "Orrrrrrrr you could just pile them all around the toaster oven."  His back was to me but I'm pretty sure his eyes were rolling. 

Sigh.  So much for being on the same wavelength.  I finally got around to labeling them in such a way that I'll know just where to put them away when I'm done.  (As opposed to storing them in a pile by the toaster oven).

The one on top is for the utility closet, which is painted lite green.
Next is the one with the dress, for the hallway outside the sewing room.  The tape with the cars obviously goes in the car.
The back porch which always has a bug or two on it gets one.  My last name is Thomas, and like the train, I'm also a really useful engine so that one goes in my errand runing purse.  The last one goes in my step stool/tool carrier painted the same shade of Oriental blue.

But watch.  Now that I finally got them labeled and put away, I bet that smartypants Conductor won't even notice they aren't clustered around the toaster oven anymore.....

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