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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little Orange Dog

Today I had to put my poochka to sleep.

I rescued her from the Humane Society who picked her up as a stray in Tennesee.  She lived about 14 years, about 7 of them with me.

She was known for two things.  One was her ever-wagging tail.  My friend's elderly father couldn't get over her waggely tail and remarked that you could tape a fan to it and she'd cool the whole room down. 

Her tail was wagging right up until I had to leave her. 

The other thing she was known for was being a dope.  Chakra was a good dog, and a sweet dog.  But she was also a dumb dog.  Her most famous move was getting her cord wrapped around the silliest things. 

Like the planter box:

And the walkway railings:

She also got her cord stuck around a small flag holder I have in the yard.  It's about a month too early for planting in Wisconsin.  But in her honor I planted two orange primroses by the flag holder.  They're perrenials so they'll be a pretty reminder of my pup every spring. 

Little orange flowers for my little orange dog. 

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I am glad our family got to hang out with her on her last days. I hope she enjoyed the walks we took her on. I hope she is living the dream in doggy heaven. And I hope you are doing ok. I just made myself a bowl of PEACH n creme oatmeal. I will eat this in honor of your little orange dog.