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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nina Garcia #4

It’s time for the next installment of my Nina Garcia project. I’m sewing all 100 of the things every woman should have in her closet, as outlined in her book The One Hundred.

Item #3 is Aviator shades. Aviator sunglasses were developed by Ray-Ban and modeled in 1936 after the fighter pilot goggles that Ray-Ban was making for the military at the time. Although Tom Cruise made them totally hot again in 1986’s Top Gun, technically Ray-Ban hadn’t been supplying the military with fighter goggles since 1982.

Ray-Ban’s typically start at about $99. But I found these beauties for $0.99 at the  99 Cent Store. This is another item on Nina Garcia’s list that can’t be sewn. But I made a cool top to wear them with.

This top is McCall's 3054 which appears to be out of print.  I hear "Ray Ban's" and I think motorcycle ride.  I thought this top looked like a cool get-up to go for a motorcycle ride.  The bike's not actually mine.  It belongs to my mom's husband.

The old man coming in through the door with his walker is mine though.  That's my Grampa Clifford making his Internet debut.  He asked me once, "Say!  That innernet thing....does that have anything to do with computers."  He's so cute.

By dumb luck, at a church rummage sale, I happened to find a cute little aviator shade pin too. You can see it on my left shoulder.

Aviator shades  one last time:


Caroline said...

You had me at "Aviator Sunglasses"..... until you mentioned Tom Cruise. Handsome as he may have been to women much older than me, he is so WEIRD now. But truly the shades ARE a must have. You make the motorcycle look great, by the way. ;p I can see the neck piece to that shirt flowing beautifully in the wind. Similar to those classic movies of origninal Hollywood beauties.

Caroline said...

I keep returning to your blog excited to see what your new project is.... it's been about a million times now and no update. When ARE you going to dazzle us again??