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Monday, July 19, 2010


My birthday was back in late May and this is one of the presents the Conductor got me:

He *so* gets me.  He said he picked this box because he liked the ribbon.  So, of course, the wheels in my head started turning and I came up with this:

That's an entire head-to-toe outfit made by me.  Made from a light challis, the skirt is from New Look 6944 (C).  It came together like a dream and has just the right amount of swoosh when I walk.  I forgot to get a close up, but it features front and back godet panels for some extra flair.

The top is Butterick 5463 (A).  I also used a challis for this top.  I plan on writing a review for Pattern Review because I don't entirely care for it.  The pattern pictures all feature models wearing belts around the shirts so I had no idea it would end up this boxy, lacking in shape.  I don't like wearing belts because they emphasize my potbelly.

Don't be fooled.  I'm not looking at the flowers.  I'm looking at my bra strap sticking out all tacky.  That's my other beef with this pattern.  All the pictures make it look like the bra strap will be concealed, but the neckhole is quite wide.  I should have tried it on before I sewed the facings in.  I'll have to tweak that part.

But I love the headband.  The directions for making it are all over the blososphere.  But here's the basics.
Materials:  a) 40 inches or so (depending on pleat width) of ribbon, preferably from a box of luxurious chocolates from the greatest guy in your world
b) one old plastic headband, thinner than the width of the ribbon
c) pins and glue gun

Find your centerpoint and start pinning pleats in.  I made the pleats coming from the left face left and those from the right side face right.  But you could make them all face the same way.  Just try and keep the pleat width consistent.  Or not.  It's up to you. 

I left about an inch on each end unpleated to make sure that the headband ends were covered.

Then stich a seam down the center.  You could also stitch the side edges but I wanted my pleats to be more flexible.  Remove the pins and hot glue it to your headband.

And there you go.  A pink and green outfit to go with my pink and green Godiva ribbon. 

I have half the box of Godiva left.  Amazing restraint, I know.  But that gold box is precious stuff, and not to be squandered.  I'll be eating one tonite - white and chocolate swirled and molded into the shape of a starfish.  Yum!  
The starfish is the transition piece since it's two kinds of chocolate.  I always eat the milk chocolate ones first, since I think that milk chocoalte is for peasants.  (Although you can't really go wrong with Godiva).  The multi-chocolate ones come next.  But the dark chocolate is where the real luxury is.  So I save the dark ones for the end with the very last one being the dark chcolate covered carmel.  If you keep them cold, you can suck on it forever and really make the carmel ecstasy last.

How do you eat your box of chocolate? 

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Carrie said...

You sewed an entire outfit including a hair accessory? I wish I could sew! My grandmother tried to teach me that and the piano, neither of which stuck. Bummer.

Caroline said...

Mmmmm chocolate..... Does the Conductor know that his gift is what inspired your outfit? In any event, I love the skirt and head piece. The shirt I could leave. Cool stuff!