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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nightgown Two Ways

I've had this fabric sitting around for years.  It's just a cotton print.  I think my intention was to make a quilt of diamond shaped blocks and incorporate this diamond shaped fabric into it.  (Like I have time for something putzy like diamond shaped quilt blocks....I don't know why I get dumb ideas like that).

Not too long ago I found out I have a bulging disc in my back.  Yippee.  I'd rather not live a drug-addicted life so if I want to avoid painkillers, I need to adjust my lifestyle to cope with the disc.  One of the times it really bothers me is when I'm sleeping.   Since the doctor told me looser clothing would help I decided to make some new nightgowns. 

I actually used McCall's 5050 (View A) which is a shirt pattern.  I hate it as a shirt since it falls like a maternity top over my potbelly.  But I extended the bottom to my knees and made two nightgown variations. 

This is the first one I made. 

I sleep tested it and it's actually pretty comfy.  On this one I used ribbon through the neckline casing.  And the armbands and under bust area are held with elastic. 

This is the second variation.

I took this right after my morning shower so, pardon the wet hair.  For this version, I used elastic in the neck and arm casings but nothing under the bust.  I also sleep tested it and it's equally as comfy.   I've also had this fabric on hand for a good 10 years. 

I don't think the neckline casing makes a difference.  The opening is loose enough that you can get it on whether it's elastic or ribbon.  Both versions are comfortable for sleeping and left planty of room for my back to not be compressed. 

My favorite version is the first one with the diamond print.  I thought it would feel weird with the elastic under the bust, but it was actually more comfortable.  And I like that it gives the whole thing some shape. I'm only 33.  Version two looks like something my gramma would wear.  Here's another picture of my favorite:

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