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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bead and Button Show

Hello, my name is Jillain and I'm a beadaholic.  This weekend was the 2010 Bead and Button Show.  My best girlfriend, Amy, and I have made it our annual girls' weekend every year for about the last six years.  She comes down from Up North on Friday night, we get up early for breakfast at the bagel shop, and get there right in time for the opening. 
Normally we leave in time for a late afternoon lunch of tuna sandwhiches at the Chocolate Factory but this year we had to skip lunch and go right to dinner since we were there so long.  We pride ourselves on having our routine down to a science - we even take a bathroom break at the end of the same aisle every year.  So we were a little confused why it took us so long to get out of there. 

Then we went back to my house and I unpacked what I bought:

Don't you just want to jump on top of it and roll around in them?  Accumulating all this was what took so long.  This is only my pile.  Amy's was equally as profound. 

It looks like I went gangbusters, but most of what I bought was to match up and use up stuff I already have at home.  I basically took all my pendants, strung them on a ring, and found beads to match.  I'll supplement with other beads I have on hand.  Here's some of what I found:

I love the gloss on that emerald pendant & the matte on the black set.

I want to EAT those orange circles.  And I thought the pink pendant would be the easiest thing to match but it was actually the hardest.  Go figure.

I've been walking around with that purple pendant for a few years.  It reminds me of those HUGE sweet 'n' sour candies they used to sell what I was a kid. 

I bought the green swan pendant at the show last year but didn't think to buy a match.  The leaf one reminds me of my gramma -she used to have several leaf shaped old-lady necklaces.

Amy and I always build in time for beading.  Because our meal timing was thrown off schedule, we were up until almost midnight beading.  Wild I know.  But then, we also closed the Olive Garden once, too, untamed girls that we are.  I'll show some of the things I made soon!

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