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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bead and Button Show Projects

Just to show off a bit, here are the first few things I made with my newly acquired stash of beads from the Bead and Button show:

We watched a demonstration of how to apply paper to glass to create a pendant.  The lady at the booth let us each pick one for free and indicated we could attach a bale to it.  She had bags of bales and other whatnots to sell but she didn't even mention her stuff or encourage us to experiement with it.  Basically we got a freebie but weren't even encouraged to buy.  Not a very good salesperson.  But I appreciated the pendant.   I found matching beads and wrapped wire around the freebie to make this:

I was hoping to find some teardrop beads which I've never used before. I found these in a pretty blue. Added bonus, they're crystal so they get nice and sparkly.

This one I think I might restring to put the bigger beads closer together but either way I like the black and white swirls and even had enough leftover for a bracelet:

This one was a more understated one I made of two shades of olive green with enough beads leftover for two bracelets.

For pure fun I bought a glass elephant and managed to find some bead to match.  I'll have to be in the mood for something really wild to wear it but I couldn't resist that elephant. 

Between beading and trying desperately to stay on top of the garden I haven't had much time for sewing.  I sure do miss it.  But now that I have a new stash of beads, it's time to whip up some matching outfits. 

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