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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special Delivery

It's my birthday week so I've taken off work through Memorial Day.  Yippee!  One of my favorite birthdays ever was my 8th birthday.  My mom gave me the book Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.  I must've read that book at least  a dozen times. 

I always thought Wilber was kind of selfish.  Charlotte the spider works like heck weaving those amazing words into her web to save his bacon-y behind and then he gets mad when she goes off for a break.  Her break was actually to have her spider babies which she had to die to do, as is often the case in nature.  And Wilber never seems to regret that he didn't thank her for saving him.  He doesn't even seem all that amazed that she had babies.  It never even occurred to him that she might want to do something for herself for a change.  That always bugged me. 

Anyway, that's not the point of this post.  The point is, I went to check my mail today and saw something odd on the side of my mailbox. 

Weird, huh? I had to take a closer look. Only because I love my mailbox. I found it on the side of the road not long after I bought my house. It was red on a grey post so I repainted the box white and the post blue.

I even hand painted my last name in ants:

And my house number in ladybugs:.

So the fact that something was clinging to the side irked me. The ladybugs and ants were for pure whimsy.  But it was kind of ironic that, upon closer inspection I found this:

Yep!  That's a whole cluster of spider babies!  I like spiders but not that many and not all at once.  Time for a good wash down.  Sorry, Charlotte.....


Caroline said...

Ah, a classic drama.... love and then tragedy. Made me think of my own encounter... I had the priveledge of using my brother's car while he was out of town. Shortly after I drove away, i saw a spider come creeping out from behind the side view mirrior. Thinking she would be blown away from the pressure of the wind, I left her alone. I got to my destination, parked and conducted business. But when I returned to the car, low and behold, the spider hand't left. She actually wove a pretty nice web in those few hours. There was a connection, and I didn't want to bother her. I even named her Suzie. I had my brother's car for about a week, and Suzie remained. Sure her web got destroyed but she would work diligently to make another. Not even the fast-paced wind scared her for she simply crept back behind the mirror whenever the car was in motion only to go to work to make a new web every time the car was stopped. Suzie became family and was confortable enough to bring a lover around. I noticed her boyfriend show up towards the end of my journey with that car. Although I called her a foul name when I saw she was creeping in Sammy, I still respected her standing her ground inside that tiny side mirror. She never bothered me and so I never bothered her. Here's to you Suzie!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing all those spiders together reminded me of the time Carrie left an open bottle in her closet. There was nothing but drops of sweet liquid remaining inside the container, however, being that it was summer, the humidity carried the smell of lunch to a colony of ants. Where the ants came from? I don't know! But it sure grossed the hebejebee's out of me when I went upstairs and saw a line of ants leaving the crack below the closed closet door. I vacuumed those gerks out, but the sight left me scarred for life.