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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mom & all moms.  Here's a little tribute to my mom.

I'm glad I have a mom that:

Let us kids help her cook and bake.  We're all good cooks and we all are good eaters.  Nobody makes apple crisp, beef roll-ups, or potatoe pancakes like my mom.

Made a bedtime book part of our night time ritual.  I owe my excellent vocabulary, my imagination, and my inquisitive mind to reading and it started with the bedtime book.  This was one of my favorites.  I liked the way my mom said the cat's names "Brush and Hush".

Made us have a "no thank you" helping.  Even if it was something we didn't like we HAD to have one or two forkfuls.  Mamby-pamby parents now will tell you it's wrong to force kids to eat what they don't want to.  But I'm glad my mom did it.  After being raised to try just one forkful, I'm now an adult that's willing to try anything and I've found that I end up liking a lot of things most people would think are yucky. 

Likes wild colors and crazy prints.  Because I like them too.  This is a purse I made with a crazy print that caught my eye. 

Coincidentally, my sister gave my mom a crazy print with wild colors for a gift. 

I'm also glad my  mom passed on to me her

Love of a good pair of shoes, or two, or 100....

and her insane need for jewelry. 

Many of the good habits she taught me stuck.  But some of them were just bound to be tossed aside when I became a grown-up.   

Like how she always wanted the house tidied up on a regular basis. 
As you can see by my kitchen, I don't give a fig about tidyness.

Mom always made us drink a glass of milk with dinner because, "it's good for you".  This was probably the first glass of dinner milk I've had in years.

Sorry mom! 

I hope my mom had a good Mother's Day.
Here she is, wearing the birthstone necklace we gave her - one pendant for each of us six kids with our
birthstones in. 

And with her gifts.  I think she got a pretty good haul.