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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lemon Apron

Every time I go to the garden center, I tell myself I don't need a cart because I'm only stopping for ONE thing.  Who stops at the garden center for just one thing?  I end up clutching a whole handful of potted plants to my belly and by the time I amble up to the counter under my load, I peel them away to find I have a huge brown wet spot across my shirt.  It's high time I made a smock to wear to the garden center. 

Using the pattern on page 76 of the very fresh and flirty book, A is for Apron, I now have a new smock.

I'd consider it a beginner level apron - if you can make some gathers and sew on some bias binding that's about all there is to it.  In fact, the most time consuming part for me was making my own bias binding.  The  background to the lemon print came in its own fabric which I happend to have in my stash. 

Those are green on green triangles:

Digging through my stash of vintage findings, I also found some super cute green buttons:
Too cute!  I think they're the best part of the apron.

And, for added flirtation, the back straps criss-cross:

Now if our Wisconsin weather would just make up its mind about what it wants to do, I could start some gardening.

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Caroline said...

I've checked back at least three times since reading this one. I'm eagar for the next!!!