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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Was Board

My friend Amy and I were emailing the other day and we both agreed that it really stinks to have to divert time and money to projects that just aren't fun.  Case in  point:

 This is a picture of $7500 worth of new roof i just had done.  How not-fun is that?  For $7500 I could landscape my whole yard at least five times over.  For $7500 I could buy a Bernina sewing machine and enough fabric to last a good five years.  I can't even begin to think of the fancy-schmancy cookware and exotic foods I could buy with that kind of cash. 

But a leak-proof, squirrel-proof roof is sort of a good thing.  Just one of those things you have to spend money and time on once in a while.  But it still stunk having to do it.

So you can imagine my aggravation the other morning when, trying to quickly whip up a headband in the five minutes before I had to leave for work, this happened:

Dag nabbit!  A hole right on my (ratty) ironing board cover.  I'm on a bender right now where I'm trying not to buy anything new if I can finagle something I already have on hand.  An ironing board cover is essentially fabric.  Which, um, I sort of have a lot of. 

I spent tonite whipping up a new one.  I used McCall's 6903.  It's just one pattern piece trimmed in double fold bias tape in such a way that it forms a casing for two yards of elastic which fits it snugly around the board. 

Digging through my immense stash I found some fun fabric I bought waaaay back when I worked in a fabric store.  (So that would be a good 12 years ago).  Yikes!  But it's fitting for a sewing room - it has an array of scissors, pattern pieces,  measuring tape and whatnot over it.  Not the funnest project.  But a necessary evil that turned out quite nice. 

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