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Friday, April 30, 2010

Antique Lamp

About a year ago my uncle passed away and my Gram, who took care of his affairs and owned the cottage he lived in, let all of her grandkids go through his house and take what we wanted. Usually such a scenario turns ugly fast. It's amazing the way some families can fight over who gets used junk. But we were all pretty congenial and friendly and everyone of us seemed to leave with things we could use and things that will remind us of The Cottage.

One of the things I snagged was a beautiful antique lamp with milk glass lampshades. Stupid me didn't think it was necessary to tape the glass lampshades down or take them off and wrap them. My sister who carried it out wasn't watching what she was doing. Both of us were carrying way more in one load than we should have.

Disaster struck. One of the glass lampshades fell off. Neither of us could stop it. Sure enough, it shattered. My little sister felt horrible. I could see the horror on her face and she could probably see the disappointment on mine. This is what I"ve stared at in my storage area for over a year:

So I've been on the prowl for a replacement shade for over a year now. I finally found one that fits on a spur of the moment trip to an antique store. It's not an exact match. The original shade has a ruffley looking top. The one I found is more of a squared off look. But at least both have the bubbled look on the sides. 

But it's good enough for me. I'll still look for a closer match but in the meantime, this lamp can finally be a showpiece.  The left shade dulls the light a bit more than the right one but I still think it looks very antiquey and old-fashioned.  So, fret no more little sister! 

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Caroline said...

I had my hand over my mouth while reading.... unitl I got to the end. Then I needed air because I was laughing so hard. Tis the "little sister". I forgot about that incident but you're right, I felt awful for breaking that. And I feel awful for laughing at how ALMOST alike the two lamp shades are. But hey, the picture makes up for it... there is drama and suspense with the dim red background. But I'm sorry, that's funny. :D