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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gratituesday: Laboring

Someone at work asked me how my Labor Day weekend was.  I said I spent all three days remodeling and painting my sewing room.  She commented, "So you labored on Labor Day".

Yes I did.  And labor is something to be grateful for.  First, the choice to labor.  In some countries the goverment tells you what your job will be.  In America, we can follow our own path when it comes to labor. 

Second, the ability to labor.  Some people have bona fide disabilities or illnesses that prevent them from working.  I'm grateful that I have a working body that does what I need it to do.  

I'm grateful that my parents bestowed a good work ethic in me.  There are people that prefer to cheat the system so they can live on welfare, disability, or drug dependency just to avoid doing for themselves.  I have no respect for people who game the system to avoid earning their living.

My heart goes out to folks who despertely WANT to be laboring now - but can't find work because of the economy. 

I'm grateful, too, that I'm marrying a man that values labor too.  The Conductor always pitches in when he's at my house

and it's important to him to be a good provider for us when we're married.  I'm grateful for a partner willing to do his share of labor.

I'm also grateful for all the laborers who came before me.

There's the manual laborers who unionized to fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, the 40 hour work week, and other things we all take for granted. 

And for the workers who fought to end sexual discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place and who fought for the right for working moms to have family leave and keep their jobs after having babies. 

So, yes, I labored long and hard this past Labor Day weekend.  But I'm grateful for every backbreaking, muscle aching, calloused hand moment of it.

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Whitney said...

Hi, Jill! Thanks for stopping by my site at RevivingHomemaking! I'm right with you in feeling stuck in the "I'm a..." while still wishing for "but I want to be a..." The video brought chills to me when I first viewed it & read exerpts from the book because it describes precisely where I am. It also reminds me that feeling "trapped" now may not necessarily mean hopeless always. It reminds me that hope is worth holding onto and patiently waiting and working with endurance knowing that this day is one day closer to my "one day" dream. I'm so glad you found the video to be an encouragment as well! :)

Caroline said...

Nice post Jill. I couldn't have said it better. :)