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Monday, October 31, 2011

Apron Challenge

I'm back. I've been busy - too busy to stop to post.  But I was inspired by a recent blog post I stumbled upon by BoPeep who blogs at Willow Homestead.   She's a Wisconsin gal like me.  I raise dandelions on my city lot.  She raises sheep in the country.  How cool is that?!?!

She recently found a clipping from a 1959 article of the Milwaukee Journal (now the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).  Or, if you live in Milwaukee, but disagree with the Journal's slant on stories, you might refer to it as the Milwaukee Urinal. 

We're a classy bunch in this town, aren't we? 

Anyway, the article issued a challenge to ladies of 1959, which  BoPeep has passed on to us:  to make a differnt apron for every month.  With today being the VERY last day of October, I'm squeaking in my entry:

I used McCall's 6132, which was super easy to do and, the way it's set up, you actually line it which I love since I USE aprons when I wear them.  Thin cotton just won't cut it for this messy cook.  Here's some detail:

I used candy corn printed black for the base with a witchy orange for the pocket. The trim is another shade of orange with little spiders on it.

Here's a closup of the pocket.  It's such a whimsical print~  I asked The Conductor to zoom the camera in on the pocket and rick-rack.  And he said, "Ok, sure!!  But what's rick rack?"   Boys.....

Here's the kitty's face.  Isn't he cute?   More of the spider print for the ears and nose, ribbon for the whiskers, and green buttons for the eyes - because every Halloween cat needs green eyes.

I worked on this while the neighborhood kids were out trick or treating.  I followed my Grampa's annual tradition of closing all the curtains and turning the lights off to keep the trick or treaters away.  (I don't have kids so I don't hand out candy.  But my Grampa sent his kids out.  I think that's awful not to give out treats when your own kids are getting them!)

I finished this right when Trick or Treating was over - just in time to pack it up in a box for next year.  ~Sigh~

One final shot:

Happy Halloween!  This apron wasn't the only cat I got recently....In my next post, I'll tell you all about my new kitty cat! 


Caroline said...

OMG this apron is tooo adorable!! I just love it. I am glad the Conductor zoomed in because I was wondering what the pocket illustrated. Ugh! I love this apron. Can't get over it. Ok, I must. Very cool. You'll enjoy seeing it come out of the box next year. And you now have a cat? No way.

amy said...

i love the apron. you would think wtih all the baking i would do i would wear one. i ususally grab a kitchen towel and cart that around when i bake for something to wipe my hands on and clean up messes with. very cute! i can't belive you didn't hand out candy!