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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

No time to work on the home binder for the Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge today.  We had a Snow Day of epic proportions here in Milwaukee.  The Interstate was even shut down! 

There's the Conductor getting  his shovel from his car that was buried in the snow on the street.  We woke up to snow drifts as high as five feet in some places. 
Here's me in the backyard.  Look how tall the drifts are!  (Don't look at how goofy I look in my un-matching winter garb).  It took us almost an hour just to clean the back yard walks out. 

Here's the Conductor, waist-deep in the backyard drifts before we got it cleaned out.

In a bit of irony, the sunshine I had hung on the side of my garage was blown down and fell in a snowdrift.

And here's my hero again.  I absolutely couldn't have tunneled my way out of the avalanche without his help. 

Ugh.  But we're still not done.   Half the alley to go, and it's already 3:30!

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Caroline said...

Good thing you had your "hero" to help you. I talked to Grandma yesterday and one of her first questions was if I knew how YOU were doing - if you were able to get your car out from the snow. As if you are the only grandchild who parks in a driveway. I had already read your blog so I was able to assure her you were ok. On Ward!