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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bowl Full of Lemons - House Binder

You can see by the button on my sidebar that I'm participating in A Bowl Full of Lemon's newest challenge.  (Click on the button to get to Toni's write up).

Our first task was for me to take all of this:
and turn it into a useful house binder.  I've been meaning to do this for years and Toni's challenge was the kick in the pants I needed. 

I used a small 6 x 8 binder so that it fits in my errand-running purse

Because I take this binder shopping, I put a funny reminder on the inside cover to keep myself in check

The caption reads "Remember:  Today's must haves often become tomorrow's what was I thinkings!"

Toni has a linky party set up so we can see the work of other participants. Lots of others are moms so their binders include pages for keeping track of doctor appointments, extracurriculars, and weekly meal plans.

But I'm single with no kids so I don't need to track those things. My binder will look a little different but I hope the tabs I use inspire moms and non-moms alike:

ROOM TABS - I have a separate tab for each room.  Whenever I'm shopping I inevitably find a cute knick-knack, picture, pillow, etc. that catches my eye but I"m never quite sure if it will fit or match.  These tabs will help me out.  Each has a similar page that works like this:

First, I designed the page layout and printed it on 8x11 paper.  I cut an inch off the right side, and hole punched the left:

Then I folded the right side towards the back.  Cutting off the the far right edge allows each page to be folding back in such a way that the hole punches are exposed.
  The grid is where I colored in the floor layout for each room.  I'll show my kitchen as a sample:

I wrote in the measurements.  The diagram also shows the way each door opens, and where counters and windows are.  Lastly, there are symbols showing where each electrical, phone, and cable outlets are. 

Second, I measured each physical feature of the room - door and window sizes, shelf height and depth, and closet floor space and wrote them next to the appropriate symbol. 

This page is also where I'd note measurements of things I always forget.  For example, my Basement tab would have the measurements of the furnace filters I need. 

Third, You can see how this page looks like it flips open.  Indeed!  On the inside I put the paint chips and fabric swatches for each room.  Now I'll know for sure if what I want to buy will match or not:

Other tabs are:


Those familiar with The Tightwad Gazette books will know how much the author stressed taking a price book with you to the store to ensure that you're truly getting the best prices.  Living in a big city, my shopping choices are overwhelming so I wanted to add this tab so I at least have a point of reference in the stores. 

When I do find a good price, I buy a lifetime supply. That's food, hobby supplies, hardware, anything.  Here's PART of my pantry

(um...yea...and I'm single with no kids).    I added a tab for a running inventory of these types of things so I can shop at home before I run out to the stores and use up what I've got first.

COLLECTIONS - I added a tab for lists of various items I collect, such as old Nancy Drew books, so when I'm out thrifting, rummaging, or antiquing  I have a ready list of which parts of my collection I have and which I still need.

DIRECTIONS - This tab is for when I'm out and about and can't remember how to get where I want to go

KNOW-HOW - This tab is a catchall tab for such things as measurement conversions, and other shopping helps.  The picture below is a picture list of various nuts, bolts, and screws.  The directions for a project may say "five cartirdge bolts" but heck if I know what they look like.  This tab will show me the way.

And if we ever geet rid of this:

I want to add a tab for my yard and garage as well. 

And while I don't have a typical "mom binder", I did notice that a lot of moms in the party have a section for phone numbers.  I need to add one of those - I'm too reliant on my cell phone for storing numbers.  So thanks to the many moms in the party for that good reminder.

I'm ready to see what the next week's challenge is.  But there's another challenge I have to deal with today.  I live in Wisconsin.  We have a little town here called Green Bay.  And they have a football team playing a game today.  Here's my contribution of Oreos baked inside brownies with green and gold sprinkles on top. 
Go Packers! 


Caroline said...

Whoa. Were you ever diagnoised with OCD? You may need to see a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea to start a section of your binder for your yard & garden. I totally need to do that! Glad you like the labels! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Caroline...You need a child to rid yourself of excess OCD. Moms who work don't have time for this kind of stuff. A resource binder seems practical, but, as a mom of three who has a nine-to-five, I would not have time to keep up with it.

Saphhire Xavier said...

Love the Room Tab! I have notes spread everywhere and this will really help! Thanks!