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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Yellow Challenge

I've been meaning to take on some of the weekly sewing challenges at the Sew Weekly.  Last week was the first one that I looked at and it was a challenge to sew using the brightest of colors - yellow.

I found five pieces of yellow fabric in my stash.

I carefully contemplated each one.  Then I came to the conclusion that I HATE yellow.  I don't look good in it and I don't know why on earth I ever bought these pieces.

Without regret, I threw them all in the Goodwill donation pile. 

And that's about all of the "sewing" I did this weekend since I wasn't feeling very good.  This week's challenge is to sew something having to do with music.  Maybe I'll have better luck with that. 


Revi said...

Hey there, newlywed.
I received my book, which I had forgotten I won! It was a sweet surprise, and I look forward to reading it. :) Thank you and wishing you all the best!

SaraBeth said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks so much for your step by step guide to attaching a bodice to a skirt. I think my main error was having one piece for the whole back and several for the front. Oh well, still perfectly wearable and several lessons learned.

Yellow does nothing for me either.

All the best from a new follower,

Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

Anonymous said...

I think I need to check out this sewing challenge. What a neat idea!