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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Sick of My Own Wedding

Is that a terrible thing to say?  The Conductor and I are getting married in just 10 - TEN days.  We're both sick of our own wedding. 

By the way, thank you to those who still check up on this blog in my absence.  Amazingly, I got two new followers:

Super mom Rustown Mom of The Canneary Family.  She's got a fig tree!! The only figs I've had are from Newtons.

And the lovely Revi of Revisionary Life.  She's painting all her furniture a shade of white.  For as SICK OF WHITE as I am after five months of making my wedding dress, I do love how relaxing her house is starting to look as she goes neutral. 

Every bit of free time for the past six months has been given up to wedding planning and chasing around and hashing out piddly details.  We never wanted to take the quick way out and elope or just have a civil service.  It just wouldn't be the same.  And yet....we just want to get it over with already! 

I'm sick of having to steal a quick ten minutes here or there in the garden instead of being able to play outside for hours. I"m sick of stepping into my sewing room and thinking it's Wintertime because the whole room is a sea of white fabric.

I think one of those blobs ofwhite is my dress.  There's so much white in that room I can't even tell anymore.

I'm sick of every surface of my house covered in DIY wedding projects. 

I"m sick of the Tumbleweed...aka my petticoat...blowing all over the place.  This is it, piled atop the sewing table and trailing all over the floor and over the chair:

And I'm really sick of everyone asking me, "Are you neeeerrrrvvvvous???"  No.  I'm not.  I've never been this sure of something in a long time.  These same people almost seem confused that, at 10 days and counting, I'm not a crazed out Bridezilla....and they also seem kind of disappointed by that.   Which I find kind of a sad statement in a way. 

But for as much as we're just ready to be Married ...I have been enjoying the process.  Here's some of my favorite things.

First, the Insipiration...
I didn't intend to have a Theme.  As long as everything matched, I'd be OK with that.  But I kept passing this piece of fabric at the store.  It's a printed chiffon from the Sew Sweet line that JoAnn FAbrics had with dots of watermelon, dusty rose, sea green, and lime:

I'd pass it and be so bummed that I had no way to use it.  I"m not crazy enough to be making my bridesmaids their dresses.  We're not having a flower girl.  It's too big a print to scrunch up into hairthings or bouquets.  Oh well....and then it hit me.  I love the colors.  I love polka dots.  Like dots, wedding rings are circles....why not make the fabric my theme?

From there, I chose the watermelon color for the bridesmaids dresses and the dusty rose for their shoes.  Dots of these colors will appear on variouis things all over our wedding.  More details to come...

So there it is....the theme for the wedding of a seamstress inspired by....fabric.  Who'd'a thunk? 

One of my favorite DIYs so far are the boutonnieres.  The Conductor made it clear that he didn't want to "wear a craft project" and he wanted flowers because they symbolize life.  But he's marryng a here's what I did.  I found small round-shaped flowers in watermelon and lime and some white buttons.  I used a dusty pink dot-printed cotton to make some fabric covered buttons to round it out.  Ran wire through the backs/shanks, wound fabric tape all around with a safety pin at the back...

... and these are the finished boutonnieres:

They are so stinkin' cute!!!   They match the inspiration fabric colors....they are a mix of real flowers for The Conductor and artsy-flowers for me...yet they stil look like a manly boutonniere. 

I even used the watermelon flowers to make matching hair clips for the girls:

So there's a teaser for now.  Hopefully I can squeeze in one more post before the wedding.  Thanks for sticking with me Readers!  And now, I must catch the Tumbleweed Petticoat and sew on the last tier. 


The Dice Joint Fuzz said...

I look forward to seeing everything come together next week!

I too, am starting to get sick of planning my wedding, and I still have 4 months to go.

Rustown Mom said...

I totally understand. I did every little stinking detail of mine and by the time it was here, I was OVER it. I wanted to elope and get married on the cruse ship. Hubby to be couldn't disappoint his family...oh, well. Turned out lovely. But really, I had the same thing at my tiny one bedroom apartment. Too much wedding everywhere...GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see pics!

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It's really a sad news for us that you are sick of your own wedding.