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Monday, January 16, 2012

Post-Christmas Discovery

I just finished cleaning up the last of the Christmas stuff.  I got a late gift from The Conductor's mom, which he brought home from his post-holiday visit.

Yum!!  A bag full of homemade goodies. Two kinds of chocolate covered pretzels and a tin chock full of these:
I liked the ones in the upper right with the chocolate drizzle the best!

The Conductor also got a set plus a few bags more of other treats.  We're working on the second tin and they're still just as fresh as when he brought it all home. 

Some wedding fun was also in the bag.  The Conductor's mom has a tradition of making treats for table favors for all of the family weddings and she made me some samples:

A white chocolate, a dark chocolate and a minty white.  Mmm! 

We tend to eat dessert in front of the TV so I had left the whole gift bag right on the coffee table. Of course, I save "good" bags to reuse again!  As we finished up the contents of my bag, I was just about to fold it up and stash it away. 

But then what did I spy.....with my little eye?

Ho-lee-cow!!!  There are BEADS inside the handles of the bag!!!  They were loose inside the plastic handles, just waiting to be repurposed.

Of course I ripped them right off. 

Then I felt bad for destroying a "good" bag - so I used my punching tool to punch out a ton of gift tags for next year.

 The Conductor was next to me on the couch and he was urtterly fascinated by the fact that there's a tool out there to make gift tags.  He said to me, with total seriousness, "Wow.  You are *really* going to keep us in line when we're married."
Damn straight!

Anyway, in the post-holiday clearance sales, I picked up this earring set for $2.  I set the studs aside for my sisters since I don't wear earings.

What I really wanted were these earrings.  After removing the hooks, I had two matching charms which I ran jump rings through than strung up with the beads from the bag... make this cute little necklace/bracelet combo:

I only had half-enough beads from the bag to make the bracelet.  Fortunately I had some loose red ones in  my stash that gave me enough length. 

Too cute, hey?  I'm almost sorry Christmas is over because I'll have to wait a whole year to wear these.

And now a fun wedding update:  We're gearing up to send out save the date cards.  I went to the post office and asked for wedding themed stamps.  The guy said they had a ton in the back.  After a while, he came back in and said he's not allowed to sell those.  Um.  Ok...  So I said, "Well do you have anything pretty - flowers, hearts, anything like that?"

He says, "We're doing our stamp audit now so the only stamps I'm allowed to sell are these with the pretty American flag on them"

Seriously?  A stamp audit?  And isn't that ironic - that an AUDIT would hold up me - an accountant - from having pretty stamps on my first wedding mailing?  Ugh! 


Dice Joint Fuzz said...

Funny, I just bought that gift card punch right before Christmas. I plan on using it for my wedding for the escort cards.

And the bracelet necklace set are very cute.

SchneiderPeeps said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some sewing tips. I'm editing the posts to include some of your reminders.

I'll have to look for one of those gift card punches, it's really cool.