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Friday, November 11, 2011

More About My Kitty

Winter is fast approaching here in Wisconsin.  In my last post, I introduced you to Mitzy, my kitty cat.  (She's really an alley cat that keeps coming into my yard).

I just adore this cat and I don't know why. I was feeling awful at the thought of her trying to survive in winter.  So I borrowed a huge racoon cage from my friend, The Gardener.  I put inside of it a can of tuna hoping the smell would lure her in.

TEN MINUTES after I put the trap in my yard, I heard it snap shut.  So apparently Chicken of the Sea is the brand of choice for tuna, huh?

I'm glad my friend has a racoon trap.  I knew I couldnt' take her in right away in the morning and I didn't want hre to be overly traumatized so, with the 'coon trap she had plenty of room to move about.

Cute or not, I wasn't about to take her all the way into my home.  So she spent the night on my enclosed back porch.  Which was a good thing because the temperatures took a nose dive last night.

I took her to work with me the next day planning to drop her off at our domestic control center on the way home.  Not wanting her to freak out from strange noises or sights, I kept her covered with a lot of blankets.  She talked to me the whole way to work.  Her meow is so cute - "Noooooo!" she says over and over, in a woe-is-me kind of voice.

I checked on her during the workday and she was doing fine.  (A few summers ago I had a squirrel in the roof problem and trapped quite a few.  Some of them got so anxious to get free that they'd chew their own jaws off or rip their hands to shreds. I was really worried she'd hurt herself.  Thankfully, she just seemed confused about the cage more than anything). 

We got to the domestic control center - the same place I took my poochka when I had to put her down.  Our domestic control, by law, holds a stray for seven days in case an owner claims it.  After that, if the animal is healthy and of good temperament, they turn it over for adoption.  When I was there dropping of Mitzy, a mom and son were coming in to adopt a stray. 

That was my whole goal of trapping her - I just know she's an adoptable cat and I'm hoing she'll have a good home before winter.

The worker took her in the trap to the back room and brought the cage back to me.  He said, "Thanks a lot for bringing him in."


Yea.  Turns out my Mitzy is actually a Mitzter.

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